Hello, I'm a front-end developer based in Barcelona!

Marc Morado

Artist / Developer

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Welcome to my website! I'm a passionate Front-End Developer specializing in React.js, crafting user-friendly experiences. With expertise in Three.js, I create immersive web experiences with impressive 3D graphics. Proficient in Next.js, I build high-quality, scalable React applications. I also leverage modern JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, and tools like Git, npm, Webpack, and Babel. Always eager to learn, I explore new technologies in this ever-evolving tech landscape. Feel free to check out my repositories, contribute, or get in touch!


1996Born in Barcelona, Spain
2021Completed the Master's Zbrush and 3D Generalist at ECIB - Escola de Cinema de Barcelona
2021Worked as a freelance 3D artist
2023Completed the React Bootcamp
2022 - 2023Worked at Opposite as a FRONT-END Developer
2023Working at Aducion as a FRONT-END Developer

My Interests ♥

Sculpting, Art, Music, Machine Learning, Designing, Playing Bass

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